Privacy Policy

Tubidy. APP Gathered Information
(“Privacy Policy”) is available to you as a reference for this Privacy Policy service, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

We may collect your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and other information (“personally identifiable information”) that you can identify as a specific person about you provided to us through the Service. We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13.

Use of Your Personal Information
Personally identifiable information collected in the service: (İ) sending notifications; (ii) promote the service and other services and products offered to you; (iii) can be used to answer your questions or suggestions and / or (iv) improve the quality of the service. We may use your e-mail address, phone number, address, or other contact information to send or confirm notifications about SMS new features, products, services, special products, promotions or other opportunities offered through the Services or to improve customer service.

Registration and cancellation policy
Your Personally Identifiable Information. If you do not choose to register and provide it to third parties, we will not share your personal information other than as described in this Privacy Policy. In various parts of the service. Your Opt-in. However, choices do not require us to share your personal information with any third party. Also, give up. You may contact Customer Service at any time, at any time, as specified elsewhere in this Privacy Policy to receive certain types of communication. You choose not to receive certain communications, including processes that may delete your personal information and / or affect your ability to use the service in full.

When using the service, we may collect certain technical information about your device. This information may include your IP address, operating system, web browser software, and unique device information. There is an automatic. We can assign cookies. (i.e. a small package of cookies stored on your device). This cookie does not contain personally identifiable information about you. Before you accept cookies, you can choose not to receive cookies by having your device reject cookies or request cookies from you. By refusing to accept a cookie, you agree that you will not be able to make the best use of the service. We may use third-party advertising technology and cookies to advertise when you visit the websites we advertise. We may also use web beacons provided by our ad serving partner to help us manage our online ads.

Improving the Quality of Our Sites
We may collect information about your device to evaluate the effectiveness of the content and traffic of the service. This data facilitates your ability to navigate the service, improving the quality of your visit. We do not track your IP address or collect information about your visits to other websites. Information about you and your use of the service may be combined with other information collected on the service or other sites, or in ways that do not personally identify you or create personally identifiable information. Such Unified or statistical information may be used by us to improve service quality or for other purposes we consider appropriate.

Change Notifications
We reserve the right to change or change this Privacy Policy, which is closed for any reason at any time. If we decide to use your personal information in a significantly different way than those specified during the collection, we will inform you via e-mail or other available means, and we will inform you. We will offer the opt-out capability. such use. In addition, if we make significant changes to our privacy practices, we will send an important notification to users in the service that notifies this change, even if it does not affect the personal information stored in our database. In some cases, when we provide this type of notification, we may email some users to report changes to our privacy practices.

Customer service
If you need help using the service, or have questions about the terms, this Privacy Policy, or the products or services offered by any of our service providers, please contact Customer Service: privacy@tubidy.application